Practical experience is the best method of learning. Our exercises are “calls to action”, designed to test the capabilities of individuals and teams to respond to the latest macro and sector-specific threats.

A simulated incident is an excellent opportunity for organisations to examine how their executives make and communicate decisions that ensure business continuity and protect (perhaps enhance) brand and reputation.

By testing people and resources in this way, preparedness can be assessed, and improvements can be made to roles and processes, to how decisions are made, and to the function of communication. The result is usually an organisation that runs more effectively on a daily basis, and is better able to identify, appreciate and respond to threats and risks.

As a learning offering, our simulations are unique and highly adaptable. We have designed and delivered hundreds of them over the last decade incorporating scenarios that draw from the full spectrum of the risk map. These have ranged from advanced desktop exercises for senior executives to full-scale simulations involving real stakeholders and management teams in multiple locations.


We develop and deliver sophisticated scenarios based on careful research, peer comparison, and risk and threat analysis.

Expert Facilitation

We ensure a high impact learning experience, while aligning with the characteristics and culture of the organization.


We bring our exercises to life by, as necessary, deploying professional roleplayers, video, audio, web and other inputs to create a “live” learning environment.