the CZAR group

Asia's Leading Organisational Resilience Consultancy

Crisis Advisory

Ensuring operational resilience, team capability and strong risk mitigation infrastructure, and that plans are practical and actionable.

Crisis Training

Building capability in crisis and incident management and crisis communication through workshops, seminars, coaching and e-learning.

Crisis Exercises

Producing carefully tailored exercises and simulations, brought to life in a highly realistic format and delivered under expert oversight.

What Our Clients Say

“I think if you took a straw poll from all BCP managers they would say that the hardest part of their jobs is getting interest and participation. So CZAR’s extremely engaging and practical training approach is worth the time and effort.”

― Director, Head of Business Continuity Management Asia Pacific

"Truly excellent work. They re-engineered our planning and aligned our people to ensure there is a greater focus on risk and an empowered and enabled group of executives who can deal with crisis response.”

― Head of Organisational Development

“Nothing but glowing reviews from participants. The project really focused management team members on how a problem can quickly become a crisis, challenging their decision-making and communication abilities. Experiencing it actually happen helped the learning.”

― VP Human Resources & Knowledge Management, Asia Pacific

“Their carefully crafted simulation was a real energy rush. It was the perfect antidote to a desktop exercise. We learnt a lot about our people, and it helped us to gauge their aptitude and mentalities for handling real crises.”

― Vice President, Global Corporate Communications

"We don't often refer to external consultants as trusted advisers, but having worked with us over many years, CZAR has earned that title. They have a no-nonsense approach and are not afraid to challenge our thinking."

― Chief Executive, Asian Multinational