Few consultancies offer anything more than theory to help you manage the fallout when a disaster occurs. Even fewer can prepare you beforehand based on real experience and hard earned knowledge.

We play the important role of reviewing the resilience of our clients' operations and providing independent feedback and advice to help them achieve a satisfactory level of preparedness.


Organisational crisis response and business continuity plans are frequently not fit for purpose because they have been developed with compliance in mind rather than as functional aide memoires for crisis management personnel. Similarly, plans can become outdated and fail to keep pace with changes to an organisation, industry regulations or the threat environment.

We work closely with our clients to make plans clear and simple, ensuring they are practical, user-friendly and actionable.


Aligning crisis management strategy with tactical execution is a challenge for many organisations.

We advise on the best composition and structure of crisis and incident management personnel and resources.

Our focus is to ensure that at all levels, people are able to function with a high degree of agility, self-sufficiency and confidence when faced with a significant operational disruption.


Establishing processes and protocols for business continuity and crisis response can be complex and challenging. Today's increasingly automated workplace presents both opportunities and impediments to this.

We advise our clients on how to harness technology where it is useful to automating crisis response activities, while striking a balance that ensures decision-making and strategy remain flexible aspects of the crisis management function.